School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance


Newington Forest Elementary School

Region 4

Angela Thompson, Principal 

English Language Arts


  • By Spring 2024, Special Education and Economically Disadvantaged students, (Grade 1-3) demonstrating 'on grade level' reading ability will increase 5 percentage points as measured by iReady.


  • Strategy 1: Expand access to evidence-based tier 1 instruction as well as intervention for students demonstrating risk in a multi-tiered system of supports. (HLP 1-5)
  • Strategy 2: Increase the use of WIDA tools and rubrics to support language development (HLP 1-4).
  • Strategy 3: Expand the use of targeted instruction on decoding and comprehension to ensure students demonstrate mastery of foundational skills. (HLP 2, 5)



  • By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, all students will meet grade level typical growth progress on the following assessments:
    - 85% of kindergarten students will be on and/or above benchmark on the EMAS assessment
    - 80% of first and second grade students will be on and/or above grade level as measured in iReady
    - Grade 3-6 Standards of Learning Math adjusted pass proficiency rate will increase from 97% to 99%.


  • Strategy 1: Improve teachers’ implementation of Framework for Engaging & Student-Centered Mathematics Instruction.
  • Strategy 2: Increase teacher implementation of explicit instruction and other components of effective mathematics intervention.
  • Strategy 3: Use conversation structures to increase academic talk between students.

Chronic Absenteeism


  • By June 2024, our overall absenteeism rate will decrease from 17.2% to 8% or lower, as measured by the EDSL Chronic Absenteeism Dashboard. 


  • Strategy 1: Develop community partnerships to promote engagement opportunities for increased student attendance.
  • Strategy 2: Understand root causes of student absenteeism. Strengthen programmatic responses to attendance barriers.
  • Strategy 3: Create a school culture of engagement & belonging for students and families. Every staff, student, and family will feel safe and connected to the school community.
  • Strategy 4: Learning Readiness- Nurture students’ sense of belonging by implementing explicit relationship-building structures such as Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory, and integrating CASEL 3 signature practices into core instruction.

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