School Counseling Services

Newington Forest School Counseling Program

The elementary school counseling program is part of the total school program and complements instruction in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventive, and developmental. The program encourages students’ social, emotional, and personal growth. School counselors collaborate with students, parents, teachers and administrators to maximize student achievement. Counselors work with students in many different ways including:

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling

How Does the Program Work?

Students are seen by the counselor when:

  • Parents request that the counselor meet with the child.
  • Students request counseling.
  • Teachers, administrators or other school staff refer the student.
  • Counseling is short-term, voluntary, and confidential.

What Topics are Discussed?

Topics discussed in classroom guidance lessons and small group discussions include:

  • Friendship/Social Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Bullying
  • Changing Families
  • Careers
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Transition to Middle School

What are the Benefits for Students?

The elementary school counselors help students:

  • Be successful in school.
  • Establish effective study skills.
  • Adjust to a new school.
  • Develop positive feelings about work, family, and society.
  • Build positive feelings toward self and others.
  • Develop skills in interacting and communicating with others.
  • Cope with change in themselves and their surroundings. Identify and accept their own and other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recognize the causes and effects of their actions.
  • Receives crisis intervention when necessary.
  • Become responsible for their own behavior.

What are the Benefits for Parents?

  • Counselors assist parents to: Understand their children’s progress in school. Select strategies to motivate their children. Develop realistic goals with their children. Become actively involved in their children’s school life. Understand the educational program.
  • The counselor consults with parents to identify students with special abilities and/or needs. The counselor helps parents understand the services available from other school staff such as the school psychologist, social worker, and resource teachers. The counselor helps parents find other professionals within the school system or the community when extra support is needed.