Sixth Grade Supply List

*This is the updated supply list for the 2023-24 school year.

2 Three subject spiral notebooks

1- 1 1/2 in. binder

1 3”x3” Post It Notes

2 Dozen #2 pencils- sharpened

1 Black flair thin felt tip marker

2 Expo dry-erase markers

2 Yellow highlighters

1 Pack of wide rule filler paper

1 Pair of 7” scissors with pointed tip

2 large pink erasers

6 Large Glue Sticks

1 Box of colored pencils 24 count

2 Two pocket plastic folders (red and green)

1 Pencil case/pouch

1 Black sharpie marker

Headphones or earbuds (labeled)

Recorder and pocket folder for music

1 Box of tissues

1 Container of all-purpose wipes

Last name A-L:

1 Pack Gallon Ziploc bags

1 Roll of paper towels

Last Name M-Z:

1 Hand Sanitizer

1 Box Quart Ziploc